Monday, December 03, 2007

A Day In The Life

Numbers, as I'm feeling rather uncreative of late.

24 - Deposits that we have in for our summer Young Life camp to Frontier Ranch in Colorado

22 - Days until I get to go home

0 - Full eight hour shifts that I've had to work in the last 2 weeks

6 - MO Tigers BCS ranking

55 - minutes until Young Life

22 - David Eckstein's number, a number that will never again be seen in Cardinal red. Good Luck Ecks

3.85 - dollars that I spent on some Chik-fil-a sweet tea today

2 - weeks since the last new episode of the Office

4 - games the Cards are playing in Atlanta in July

4 - games I intend on watching the Cards play in Atlanta in July

2.5 - hours in between me and Charleston Southern University, where my brother Lee is going next year

18 - times I've listened to Nickel Creek's farewell concert on NPR

I wish this had been more entertaining. I promise to come up with a rant on something interesting like the debauchery of the Christmas season. Enjoy yourselves.


Romondo Davis said...

Suggestion for your next recitation of numbers: the number of days and a wake-up until you earn that coveted Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Navy.

There's nothing wrong, as I see it, with admitting you look anxiously towards that day. The big reward is the elation you will feel when you step off the quarterdeck with discharge papers in hand.

I can still feel that sensation. And the greatest source of elation for me wasn't from my new-found freedom, it was the feeling of pride I had in what I had accomplished in serving my country in time of war.

Mahndo said...

918 days

Anonymous said...

lee's going to college???