Thursday, December 06, 2007

Things that Went Through My Head Today

Kevin Drew is the coolest man alive.

Metaphor of the day; America is a "Windsurfing Nation," because "all we want is the feeling." From Broken Social Scene.

The best lyric of the day; "first the mother bathes her child, then the other way around. The scales always find a way to level out." - Bright Eyes

"International" is my favorite word.

So taguchi could very well be the single greatest man to ever wear a Cardinals uniform. Not because of his athletic ability, or his humanitarianism, but because of what he stood for. We'll miss him.

The Navy is like an anvil, connected to a noose, connected to my neck as I'm trying to swim accross the ocean.

There's a certain level of relief that I feel when spending time with people my own age.

I wonder if Fred's Lingering theory is true or not.

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