Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Well, I just pulled back into the Reege after my week-long excursion home. Its good to be back. I also got to be a groomz-man in my good friend Chris Elsken's wedding in Greenville. For the sake of time, and to set a precedent (seeing as how this is my first entry of 2008,) I'll chronologically rapid fire this shizznit:

-The Atlanta airport is the most poorly laid-out aeropuerto in the world.

-Picking my seat on a nonstop connecting flight from Atlanta to St. Louis is one of the most crucial decisions I could make.

-Flying over downtown St. Louis is extremely exciting for me. It's a perspective of understanding who I used to be, by seeing all of the places I've been at once.

-My dog back home always seems to remember me.

-Christmas is about family. I love that I could experience it so perfectly this year.

-I love my family.

-Being so attached to and so familiar with and so loved by my group of friends is such an enormous blessing.

-Flying out of Lambert gives me a triumphant feeling. As though I've accomplished something great, and I must get back to it.

-Small Carolina towns like Easley seem to be the most genuine places in the world. They're populated by farmers and barbers and politicians, and not akin to the harsh realities and sacrifices of modern economic achievement.

-Southern Weddings are taken waay to seriously.

-I hate tuxedos.

-Chris and Julie Elsken are an amazing couple. I praise the Lord for their love for Him and for each other.

-Being surrounded by three different cultures in the last week or so has shown me one very particular thing: people are all the same. We all have our family quarells, our ecstatic realizations, our inside jokes. We have our stigmatic discomfort, our sudden elation, and our draining monotonies. The differences in cultures and races and backgrounds are a great thing. But I've come to realize that those differences are just in the details. It's a freeing concept to think that I am no different from a 22 year old African tribesman, or a 22 year old Chinese student, in terms of our humanity. I love that.

The wii is a big hit. I think I'm going to keep it. It's good to be back in the AUG.

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Romondo Davis said...

Great post. I especially enjoyed the stuff about flying into and out of St. Louis, and the family part. It was great to have you home. Let's plan the next visit for longer.