Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Internet Findings or how I spent my last night shift

One of the coolest couches I've ever seen

The marketing campaign for "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep" in Tokyo is pretty sweet.

My new favorite Christian Apologetic.

A push-button house, anyone?

Those Clinton hippies.

"Ya'll are just stupid kids, I swear to God" -Houston Kindergarten teacher Score one for technology.

The crappiest tattoo in the history of mankind (views discretion is advised).

Apparently, there are plans for the next 3 Star Wars Movies(complete with a Darth Vader hot air balloon).

This guy got a "new" Mac

Pen-Top Utensils "Shut Down Humanity, It's Reached Its Peak."

A sunset

Can't say I'm not interested: ELIC

Aliens in America; Slowly becoming my favorite sitcom.


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Marta said...

aliens in america = awesome. i can't wait for them to start making new episodes and putting them online.