Friday, February 15, 2008

Know Your Saints

Earlier in the week, I read about smeone wo prayed to the "patron saint of travelers." It sparked my curiosity as to what sainthood is all about to the Catholics. So, I got on to do some research. I found out that just about everything that you could imagine is covered by one Saint or another. Here are some of my favorites:

The Patron Saint of dysentery: Saint Lucy of Syracuse

The Patron Saint of bomb technicians: Saint Barbara

The Patron Saint of bartenders: Saint Amand

The Patron Saint of syphilis: Saint Fiacre

The Patron Saint of against procrastination: Saint Expeditus

The Patron Saint of scuba divers: Saint Adjutor

The Patron Saint of roller skating: Saint Lydwina of Scheidam

It seems as though everything from drunks and drug users to sore eyes and stained glass are covered. The one thing I couldn't seem to find, though, were protestants. God save us protestants.

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