Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So I'm sitting at work, fighting to keep myself entertained. But this is no ordinary shift. No, this shift is the last night shift I'll have to work for the next three months (at least). I am excited to finally be on a more normal schedule. And in anticipation of that, I thought I would revisit all that has transpired in the last 9 painstaking months:

'No Country for Old Men' took best picture at the Oscars. I haven't seen it yet, but its on the shortlist.

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series. Not that anyone outside of Boston cares. The rest of the world was pulling for the Rockies.

The US Presidential race has taken off. Barack Obama and John McCain seem to be the favorites. It could be the first year that I write in my vote for President (Ron Paul).

On April 8, newcomer Zach Johnson won the 2007 Masters Tournament right here in Augusta, GA.

Manchester United won the English Premier League in 2007. And yes; that is soccer. And yes; I know that no one around here cares.

Hong Kong celebrated(?) 10 years of Chinese rule.

That bridge collapsed in Minneapolis because the republicans were spending too much money on a war (or something like that)

I turned 22.

President Bush embraced how much the country hates him.

We lost Anna Nicole Smith, and all of the news networks convinced me that I cared who her daughter's father was. What a legacy.

Raul Castro is elected as President of Cuba. Elected mighy not be the right word there.

So there you have it. Its been quite a busy 9 months for the world. Not for me. For me its been pretty damn boring.

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Jaired B. Hall said...

Hey Mondo:
Good to finally see you blog. I remember asking your dad about it when we were at his place December 2007 for our week before Christmas Christmas dinner.
And now, the absent minded imbecile that I am, finally remembered to type in the address and hit enter.

Quite a refreshing thing to hear that you're a Ron Paul supporter. I, also, will be writing his name in come November.

Keep up the good work.