Monday, February 11, 2008

Why People Hate Christians

I read an article on about how the (totally useless and ill-conceived) Christian Defense Coalition is protesting ESPN. In response to some comments that anchor Chris Berman made, using the terms "goddamn" and "jesus christ" in expletive form.
Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, apparently some big-wig in the CDC says, "We must work for an America in which there is zero acceptance of religious intolerance in the workplace for all faith traditions. Hateful and intolerant expressions like 'Goddamn' or the negative use of 'Jesus Christ' should be viewed with scorn and outrage." Because that's what Jesus's ministry was all about: lashing out in judgement at the world when they didn't live up to his standards and viewing others with "scorn and outrage," right? Or was it ministering love to the world regardless of how they treated him.
I'm all for respect and consideration of others' convictions, but come on. Lets focus on loving those who offend us, as Jesus called us to. That would be a church that the world might actually respond to.

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