Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Look at Me Generation

I was reading an article in Newsweek today, called Here's Looking at You, Kids by Jennie Yabroff about the generation of young people that has been and is being defined by a lifestyle of overexposure, due to social networking on the internet, cell phones, and 'reality' tv. This is interesting:

"You might call them the 'Look at Me Generation'. Thanks to "The Real World," "Laguna Beach" and the like, they've been documented like no group before them, most especially by themselves: on their blogs, their MySpace, Facebook and Flickr pages, and on YouTube.
Sociologists have begun to question the effect of all this exhibitionism on young people. Can they form durable identities off-camera, or are they so used to producing their images for outside consumption that images have replaced their essences? Will a generation for whom all secrets are fair game and every private moment can become public trust each other and form intimate relationships?"

I def. see that in my world as a Young Life leader, and wonder what this exposure is doing to these kids psychologically. It seems to me, as Ms. Yabroff states, that with all of the work that High Schoolers put into fitting a mold, and promoting themselves as how they want to be perceived, is only serving to confine their true selves. And that constant confinement will someday force a social eruption that we have never seen before.

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