Tuesday, March 11, 2008

News Notes (w/ unrelated duck photo)

With my new day schedule, most of the outlets I use to keep myself occupied have been withdrawn from me. I'm basically left with wikipedia and the live news streams that I have access to on my computer. News gets old after a while, but I've begun to take notes on what I see. Here's the first week's worth:

1. Keith Olbermann just called John McCain the "Hey you kids, get off my lawn Candidate."

2. Regarding the Roger Clemens congressional waste of time, Chris Mattews said it best when he asked, "Why is this something our taxes are paying for?"

3. Judging by his prescription reading glasses, Tim Russert's eyesight is horrendous.

4. Fox News Channel's commercial lineup;
a. TheLadder.com; a site for those searching for jobs of $100k or more.
b. The Villages; Florida's most distinguished retirement homes.
c. ActivOn; arthritis relief.
d. Binder and Binder; "America's most successful social security disability advocates."
e. Honey Nut Cheerios; whole grain cereal to lower cholesterol
Conclusion: Old people watch the Fox News Channel

5. I've heard Eliot Spitzer's name 134 times in 4 hours of news.

6. President Bush; "Freedom can transform society, freedom can transform enemies into allies, and someday if the United States is steadfast and optimistic, a president will be able to say, 'Amazing thing happen, I sat down at the table with the leader of Muslims nations all aiming to keep the peace, to spread freedom and to keep America secure." So, according to the Boss, this war will be won by steadfastness and sheer optimism alone.

This Job...

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