Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just in Time for my Hip Hop Renaissance

As I was flipping through the myriad of channels on my underused television, I came accross something that excited me. MTV2 was showing an episode of Sway's Hip Hop Owner's Manual, just in time for my Hip Hop Renaissance. Sway Calloway is the host, and he interviews different rappers, DJs, and culturally well-versed black people, asking them about what different slang words mean. In the 15 minutes I was watching the show, I learned a lot; 'Fo Shizzle' is no longer acceptable to use, we refer to over-weight women as 'Big Drawers,' and 'Bent' means drunk. I also learned all about a 'guap' (a large stack of money). For example, there are three rules or steps to the acquisition, maintence, and use of your guap. First, you have to keep yo hustle up (get money.) Second, you have to keep the guap ("get wit merril lynch, know what I'm sayin, those ni**** will help you wit the IRAs, savins accounts, and sh** like dat"). Third, you have to keep neat stacks, for purely aesthetic reasons.
Hopefully, my future dillegence in watching all of the webisodes will help with my street cred and my progressing rap career. More on that later.

So, get yo game tight. And, if you don't know, now you know. Holla

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