Saturday, April 19, 2008

Liveblogging the Pope's April 18th Address to the United Nations

So the Pope made a trip to the USofA. Hey, isn't the UN headquartered in the USofA? Hmm, maybe he should go to the UN in NYC and give a speech. Maybe he can talk their heads out of their asses. Now, I'm not Catholic. I'm not a big fan of the idea of the Pope. I'm not a big fan of the UN, either. But when you combine the two, it's electric. And it was just that... electric!

11:17a Some Japanese so-and-so struggles through an Engrish introduction for a German-speaking Pope. He talks all about the "Lapidry changing world."
11:18a After the intro, Pope Benedict XVI, the 265th Head of the Catholic Church, takes the stage to rousing applause and with bowing his head and raising his hands.
11:19a "Benny" begins in French. I did not see that coming. My first guess was German, my second was Latin, my third was Engrish. French might have been my fourth guess. He's all about shock value, this one.
11:19a CNN isn't sure if they want to use the audio from the Pope himself, or from his Engrish translator. So, they switch back and forth between the two awkwardly for a few minutes.
11:22a John Paul 2 shout out.
11:23a Let's talk about Africa and how much it sucks, and how its the UN's fault. A Papal "going for the juggular."
11:23a Benny's a Greenie(or enviromentalist for those of you not up on your slang.)
11:24a Ethnic Imperatives?
11:29a I just dozed off a little.
11:29a Palestine is country enough to have a UN delegation. Point, Palestine.
11:30a Pope switches to English. Now, he's just showing off.
11:32a The Israeli delegation is def. asleep
11:33a A quick Wikipedia search reveals that Pope was a Nazi.
11:35a I think Pope just dozed off a little.
11:36a I'm not sure, but he may have repeated the same four or five sentences two or three times.
11:36a Some of the phrases he uses are poorly pronounced and come out sounding rather comical. Here's what I heard; "Augustine of Hip-hop," "Do not unto assholes what you would not want done to you," "gelatin nations," "play sexperiences," "rooted in delicious dimention," "presentation of Ciscos."
11:37a The Samoan Delegate has out a handheld camera; just making another home video at the UN.
11:38a There was a pretty good turn out to this thing, I wonder if its mandatory.
11:40a He signs off, says a blessing in six different languages, which is mind-blowing. More rousing applause, fanfare (delegates wake up), etc. More standing bowing heads, raising hands, etc. And CNN anchors spend the next three hours showing "highlights."

Well, that was good. I'm still not Catholic. I'm still not a fan of the UN. I guess I thought that because the Pope and the UN were such big players on the international stage that it would be exciting and ground breaking. It wasn't. I honestly don't remember a single thing he said. Oh well, maybe next time.

Oh, and now I don't like CNN, either.

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