Thursday, May 08, 2008

McCain (and Dwight) on the Daily Show with John Stewart

Real quick before I peace out for the day:

John McCain was a guest on the Daily Show with John Stewart earlier in the week (video). After toying around with the usual politician's smile-while-averting-serious-questions bit, Senator McCain picked up a notecard, where he presumably had a written reminder, and announced that his running mate in November would be Dwight Schrute. To which the crowd laughed, blah blah, good one Senator, etc.

Two things here; 1) It's interesting to me that political candidates are utilizing a medium like John Stewart to reach their target voting demographic. The fact that McCain's target dempographic is the 18-24 year old hippies that watch The Daily Show (myself included) is interesting in itself.
And, 2) One of his speech writers/image coaches/political strategists/American Idol fans actually wrote down Dwight Schrute's name on a notecard so that John McCain could make a pun and relate to said demographic. It's the old "Vote for me because I'm cool and hip and speak the lingo and watch Mtv" campaign trick. I'd be suprised if the Senator even knew who Dwight Schrute was before that notecard. I'm not going to vote for you because you name drop one of the best-conceived characters in television history. Screw it, here's some Dwight Schrute, for Dwight Schrute's sake.

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