Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I've been trying to plan out this Mother's Day post for the last week or so. I wanted to write something lovely and profound, to express my great appreciation and love for my mother. She has been an incredible blessing to me during my 22 years as her son, perservering through the earlier years, when I apparently was a devil child. She pursued me through my teenage years of resentment and rebellion. And now that I am an adult, living on my own 750 miles from home, my mother is still my foundation; one of grace and care and love.
But, inspite of all my brainstorming, this was all I could come up with to express how I feel;
Mom, I love you tremendously. Thank you for being so wonderful and loving me when I didn't deserve it. God has used your love to reveal Himself and His unconditional love to me. Happy Mother's Day.

Oh, and everyone check this out: Mom's Testimony.


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Anonymous said...

First of all, you are an amazing young man and I am blessed to call you my son. Secondly, you were never a devil child. (Just born with a will too much like your mom's!)