Monday, May 12, 2008

A Week of Irresponsibility

As I'm recovering from a crazy Mother's Day party last night, here are the two newest additions to the Mondo Davis "Family," thanks in part to that head-scratching $600 that the Govment had lying around and decided to deposit into my checking account:

A. Sylvia. A MotoFino Retro 49CC scooter named after Anita Ekberg's character in La Dolce Vita. She gets 75-80 Mpg and is street legal without anykind of liscence, registration, or insurance. This is how it looked yesterday;

err, I mean, this is how it looked yesterday:

B. An iPod Touch. Lauren assures me that this purchase was "dumb," and she's probably right. Oh, well. I'll only be young and irresponsible once, right?

And here's my beautiful girlfriend Lauren in aviators. She told me earlier that she's convinced that the reason that she's dating me is because I have a scooter (see above).

this is going to be a great summer


Romondo Davis said...

Five things:

1. Cool on the scooter. I bought a Vespa when I was 15—the first gas-powered vehicle I owned.

2. Your mom has wanted one for a while now.

3. Be careful!

4. Cool on the Touch.

5. Cool on Lauren in shades.

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it. Yeah, dad won't let me buy one. I think it is the perfect mode of transportation for me, don't you? And, by the way, your girlfriend truly is beautiful. Can't wait to meet her.

Anonymous said...

no freaking way! my brother brought two scooters over from belgium and i'm trying to get him to sell me one. one looks like a storm trooper and the other is black with a huge eagle painted on the front. it'll be tough to decide. the gas mileage is awesome. your Sylvia is beautiful.

ipod touches can get the internet, right?

cute girlfriend! bring her up to stl to hang!