Monday, October 06, 2008

Choke City

I'm starting an official petition to rename the city of Chicago "Choke City." Sign below.

Seriously, though. I was talking to my roommate about the MLB '08 playoffs, and how a certain Cubs team has made a habit of getting graciously swept out of the first round of the playoffs. He said something to the effect of "They're just like the Red Sox," referring to the so-called curse that was ended in 2004 after Boston's lifelong World Series Drought. The two are hardly related, however, for one major reason; The Red Sox are good. Boston has historically been a good team. They've won several division and AL championships in that WS drought. They've had 100 win seasons. They have made it to the World Series several times. The Cubs, however, haven't been to the World series since 1945. And since then, they've only won 5 division titles. 5. They've been perpetual losers for most of the 20th century. Bottom line; the Cubs suck. They can't hide behind bad luck or a curse, like the Red Sox did. They haven't won the World Series in over a century because they haven't been any good for most of the last century. And, now that they're starting to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on their players, and are beginning to look like a team that has a shot at a title, their 100+ year history of suckage, and lack of playoff experience is resulting in one first round Playoff Sweep after another. It's good to be a Cards fan. It is good.


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Boston is not good my friend...they are AMAZING :)