Tuesday, December 02, 2008


There was an article on DIGG today about motorists in Arizona that are taking action against the speed cameras that are becoming more and more popular on American roads. It states that
"the speed cameras being placed abundantly throughout town by the Arizona Department of Public Safety were being "vandalized" with -- gasp -- Post-It notes.

Scofflaw activists hope placing the sticky notes on camera lenses will bring attention to their cause and allow at least a few speeding motorists to escape citations. An Arizona Republic article states the protesters have also been spraying the cameras with Silly String."

(Sidenote: "scofflaw" is my new favorite word)

Camera vandalism, whilst new in Arizona, has evolved pretty heavily in the UK and across Europe:

One commenter states:
"Ah, civil disobedience against tyranny. What a proud tradition we have in this country."

So true.

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