Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lie to Me

With my copious amounts of freetime-at-work, I've started watching Lie to Me on FOX. It's all about a team of pseudo-scientists that solve crimes solely by the interpretation of the faces of the people involved. The idea is that everyone lies all the time, and there are certain expressions/movements/adjustments that come along with each lie. By interpreting the subconscious mannerisms that accompany the underlying emotions, Dr. Lightman and his team pick apart crime scenes and effectively discover the truth. This idea, while often overstated throughout the show, is intriguing to me, and I've begun to try to interpret the people around me through similar methods. So, if you're ever in conversation with me and I seem to be studying your facial adjustments/twiches/eye movements, etc., it's alright. I'm just trying to figure out wether or not you're lying to me.

Either way, start watching this show so that it doesn't get canceled, and so end my intrusive pursuit of truth.

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