Friday, September 18, 2009

Bloggy McBloggerton

And I'm back, thanks to a little bit of prompting from the most beautiful girl in the world. The past few months have been comparatively earth-shattering for some reason. Lauren (see above) has completed a huge transition, moving last month to Atlanta, GA to attend Georga State University. Young Life has started the semester, and we're rocking pretty hard as of late. Life has been moving briskly, as I count down the final 265 days of my US Navy enlistment. The most pressing question in my life right now, is what that next step will be once I depart Uncle Sam's payroll. School is a very real possibility, whether it's in St. Louis where I can live for free, or somewhere closer to Ms. Richardson. It's all up in the air, and I feel like I should be relatively stressed out about the whole scenario. But, I'm not. The greatest excitement that I feel when thinking about being out (and I think about it a lot,) is simply being out. It's freedom. I can go anywhere. I can do anything. I can drive to Colorado on a whim and not have to worry about the Navy calling me in to work on a Sunday. I can take a train to Chicago to catch a Cards/Cubs game and not be stressed about filling out the paperwork exactly right so I can get the signatures I need for permission. I can grow out my hair to pre-navy lengths and not one single person will say a word to me about it, nor my ironing, or the shininess of my boots. I will be free, in a very real sense. And for that, I am excited. I do understand that the weight of this freedom will be heavy. And I know it is childish and naive to assume that the cares and concerns of gas money, car insurance, rent, medical bills, etc. will never strike or be as real an oppressor as the Navy ever was. I am fully aware of that. But, in 265 days, I am free to experience all of these woes on my terms, in my time, and in my freedom to pursue the things and people that God has set me aside to pursue. And for that, again, I am excited.
Peace and Love

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