Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hopeful Supplication

So, the Cardinals clinching the NL Central and home field advantage for at least the first series is a foregone conclusion at this point. They need two more victories over the course of the next two weeks, and they're in. Now the new dilema becomes who they will play. If they can manage the top seed in the playoffs, they'll be playing the Wild Card team. Currently, the Colorado Rockies are leading in the Wild Card race, with Atlanta and Florida both within 5 games. Here's why I care; if the Atlanta Braves win the Wild Card, I could be within 140 miles of a Cardinals playoff game (if they draw Atlanta.) And that would be awesome. I would skip work and go to jail if I got to see a Cardinals playoff game. I already had to miss the All Star Game thanks to uncle Sam (259 days and counting.) And if I were to get to see Prince Albert (above) and crew whoop up on the mediocre Braves, it would make all the struggle of my life thus far worth it. So, for the next two weeks, LET'S GO BRAVES!!

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