Friday, October 02, 2009

Space Managment (One-up the one-up)

Here's a quick observation/question/possible difference between men and women: I just got finished helping Lauren unpack (almost 2 months after moving to ATL,) and was kind of blown away by one thing. She had been doing a good job of convincing me of her lack of storage space in her new bedroom for quite some time. It's true, seeing as how she shares the room with one other girl, that there wasn't a whole lot of space. But, from the moment I started my 2-hour-long-well-intended quest, I was amazed at how poorly utilized the space that she had was. I've heard that women aren't quite as adept as fitting the most amount of stuff into the smallest amount of space as us men are. After tonight, I believe it. Two concentrated hours of labor later, there is not a single possession anywhere except where it's supposed to be. I emptied 6 cardboard boxes of stuff, and found adequate space for it all. I'm really just trying to toot my own horn, seeing as how I'm so damn proud of myself. But anyway, yeah, this is one area of deductive reasoning that she def. does NOT have me beat in. Boom, Boom, POW!

(p.s. It's probably the only area of deductive reasoning that she def. does not have me beat in. I'll take it.)

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