Friday, January 08, 2010

New Year, New Cast, New Photos, New Post

As the title would imply, it's a season of new birth here. I went in to the doctor today, expecting the cast on my left arm to be removed for good, only to find out that I was going to be in it for another four weeks, bring my total to 13 weeks. i should be bothered by it, but at this point, it's kind of whatever. Life moves forward whether or not I can pick things up with my left hand.
Moving along, I got to take Lauren back to StL for some day-after-christmas festivities. We had a lot of fun bumming around the Lou in a whirlwind trip that wore us both out pretty well. We attended a week-long Missions Conference called Urbana down at America's center, which was fascinating. A great time of growth and revelation that Jesus had lined up pretty well for both of us. Still no answers on what the future looks like, but the conference was a refreshing reminder of His control and perfect plan for my (and our) life(s). But, yeah. I'm back at work, Lau's back in AtL, the world is falling back into place. Happy 2010. Photographs of the last couple of weeks are up at the flickr site. Peace and love.

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