Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Things

it's been a pretty eventful week. I reached, at one point, that place where you want to lay down and let everything just happen without you. I usually find myself somewhere in this familiar cycle of wandering then sin then pain then feeling sorry for myself then self realization then grace then identity then wandering. The first four steps had been lasting quite a while this time, and I was at a point where i didn't want to play the game any longer, somewhere between steps two and four i guess. Then, after a series of impacting conversations and realizations, God took me gently by the hand, and lovingly whispered in my ear, "shut the **** up."

Yesterday was incredible, weather wise. There was a crazy sunset-cloud overcast-falling rain combination that made the sky light up bright orange. It was beautiful, like "why the hell didn't i have my camera with me" beautiful. Augusta was blessed with 180 degrees of enormous rainbow that i stood and stared at for the better part of 15 minutes. Beautiful. I got to play soccer, found out i've lost weight, and got my FIFA 2010 World Cup ticket confirmation in the mail.) That, plus the euphoria of only having 19 days (and a wake up) left in Her Majesty's Navy, the tickets I have to see The Tallest Man on Earth (one of my new favorites,) and Omar going on a walk without fighting with me the whole way for the first time, have made all those petty annoyances that I spend my life whining about seem a lot less heavy. God has this way of holding me tightly as i kick and scream, and he's been at it again.

Two things I love (go ahead and click):
This, and
This (click on "Ballad of a Tension")

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