Wednesday, June 16, 2010

South Africa Adventure. Part 1.

First Obstacle. I'm sitting at gate E12 at Atlanta's Hatsfield-Jackson International Airport. After an hour of manuvering, I'm set and ready and waiting for the 5:20 departure time of the flight that's going to take me to Amsterdam and eventually Johannesburg, South Africa. It's exciting, and I've been enjoying the airport so far. Watching people is something I enjoy doing, turns out. And, there are plenty of people to watch here. I'm noticing trends, too. Like, I'm starting to think that four types of people are walking around this terminal; Familes, Soldiers, Foreigners and Christians. They're all very distinct and easy to identify. Families travel as a unit, kids and grandkids hanging off of the different Matriarchs/Patriarchs. Soldiers are given away either by their uniforms or their awkward, goofy haircuts. Foreigners are foreigners. The ones without distinguishing attire stand out by their general out-of-placedness. And Christians; walking around in matching t-shirts, ready to save the world. I'm fond of traveling. Not for the long wait times, the lines, or the hours upon hours on airplanes. I'm fond of the adventure, the sense of anticipation that everyone seems to carry around with them. I'm familiar with the feeling of coming home, and its a joy to see the faces of those that are experience that old feeling. Airports are beautiful places. Not in and of themselves, of course. But the feeling, the diversity, the best of Humanity rests within these paneled walls and floors. I think i'm ready for this trip. very, very ready.

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