Wednesday, June 16, 2010

South Africa Adventure. Part 2.

Here I am in Amsterdam. It's crazy to think that I can watch a movie, go to sleep, watch another movie and be in Amsterdam.The gate is crowded. I see Mexican jerseys, Ghanan jerseys, Italian jerseys, Canadian jerseys, and a myriad of African shawls, muslim Hijabs and at least one Lutheran preachers collar. I'm giddy with all of this humanity. It's beautiful. Walking through the airport, milking my first visit to Europe, I caught myself taking pictures of advertisements, snack machines, Mcdonald's packaging. I love this. I absolutely love this. I met a woman on the first leg of the journey that is traveling to Afghanistan. Her family is from Kabul and they fled the Taliban all of those years ago and settled in Houston. She has a son my age. There's life in this place. I very well might be the only American in the waiting area now. I don't know, I have no conclusions or special deductions about any of this. I am ecstatic to be able to do something so unique, and I feel like i want to do this for a living in one way or another. Humanity and diversity and the wealth of differences I'm beholding is incredible and makes me want to praise the God that created such diversity and cherishes culture and life and people. He is a God I can follow. This place is one I could sit in for hours. So, as the flight attendant calls my boarding zone, it's a bittersweet feeling in my chest. Now, I say goodbye to Amsterdam. I feel as though I'll be back someday. Or so I hope. Anyway, on to South Africa!

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