Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mile #24939 (only 148 to go)

Augusta, GA now. Home(?) again, kind of. Finally got to see my baby boy. I was giddy with excitement for most of the eight hour trip from Fredericksburg, VA to see him again. He’s huge. This week will be either steadily busy or painfully lonely, depending on how much I get after all there is to do and see my last week in Augusta. The Ball Pit and the Pit bull are both a go, but I need to find something to do with my bed... But, yeah. Friends, old high school kids, consolidating, getting rid of, making music, loving on Omar; there’s a lot out there this week. I’m ready to go. Not that I can’t wait to be in Atlanta, or to leave Augusta again; that’s not it. I’m ready to go, though. Meaning: life is happening all over. I saw it this weekend in Fredericksburg, in one of the most fun four-day span of my life. I saw it in the lives of the guys that were reunited there, and in the joy and love that we all shared with each other. I saw it in the celebration of life and love and Jesus that surrounded the entire weekend. I saw it in Cincinnati, at a baseball stadium full of screaming fans. I saw it in West Virginia, in the beauty and splendor of the mountains I drove through. I saw it in my baby niece’s smile. I saw it in my family and friends’ love for each other and for me. I saw it in my best friend’s passion for his work and community in Memphis, TN. I saw it at Sharptop Cove, in the faces of the hundreds of High School kids as they experienced Young Life camp. It’s real and accessable and beautiful. And it’s all happening now. I don’t know, I’m ready to go. I’m ready to be a part of what’s happening right now. It’s in St. Louis and it’s in Fredericksburg, and it’s in Augusta and it’s in Atlanta. I’m just ready to go.

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