Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh, Riot and Be Free

Oh, Riot and Be Free

The sun is setting into night
the streetlights start to shine
the distance between wrong and right
is starting to unwind

the ocean sounds its shrill alarm
the calling out to sea
and everything within me shouts
oh, riot and be free

I'm counting out the miles from
the spot in which i fell
i hold myself much closer than
I let myself be held

the questions rise like summer sun
then plague the depths of me
and from the crippled confines yell
oh, riot and be free

drifting night and treetops, red
great summer slowly sets
I'm just the culmination
and the sum of my regrets

some truth withstands the broken heart
the constant villainy
in truth, i'm broken from the start
oh, riot and be free

but as i sit in darkness
as I rest in my defeat
dead and dying, sick and scorned
there's fresh air still to breathe

some voice like campaign slogans calls
strong arms accompany
and whispers to the confines, "child
oh, riot and be free"

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