Tuesday, January 25, 2011

9th street

peace be still
the morning will
be safe until i wake
don't expect
my innocence
to last throughout the day
sunrise kept
the place i slept
alight like christmas day
first chance I get
I'll take what's left
and throw it all away

will I be loved
will I be loved
will I walk among the living
should I believe
there's reason to breathe
will you go on forgiving me?

walk with me
and we shall see
how much I might deserve
the path is lined
with bodies I
have slain for what they're worth
the piles, high
of tears I've cried
from my first breath at birth
and now, grown old
my story's told
the ruins of the earth

to be alive
is to be alone
and to be alone
is to be alive

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