Friday, January 28, 2011

Concertos and Coveted Consistency

I've been writing again. There's something familiar about sitting in a classroom, drifting in and out of coherent consciousness. It's there that my creative parts kick into gear. And reading a fair amount of Billy Collins and Dean Young doesn't help quell the fire of creative distraction and irresponsibility. So, posted below are the fruits of my 15 hour college schedule thus far.

I think I'm ready to start blogging again, not the frivolous links and quotes that have become standard, but real, personal type of blogging. You all deserve it. It's been a heavy couple of years, filled with fear and timidity and repression, contrasted to the simultaneous love and growth and life. It's all crazy, it's all false, and it's all starting back up. So, with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on my aged and dying headphones, a cold cup of coffee awaiting a refill, and a recently devoured blueberry muffin in my belly, here's to something better.


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