Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hurry Up Offense

Ok. 15 minutes until my next class, time enough to write. It is a gloriously blue-sky day, as I sit on the third floor of the Library facing a mile of Decatur Street, high rises and all. I don't have a lot that I need to put down, nothing concrete at least. Yesterday was full of laundry and groceries and computer games in between. It's a miraculous blue-sky day. The eight foot windows in front of me are slightly smudged, and this floor is relatively empty as the 9:30 wave of classes hasn't let out just yet. This city is really, really beautiful when you get up off of the street level. It's serene, and simple; just concrete and glass and exhaust pipes and satellite dishes. I've sat pondering what to write for so long that it is now time to go to class. I'm off to it. Big things, big things.

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