Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Ramblin's at an End

There is some eternal ghost inside my whispers,
There is someone calling out from blackened depths,
with each penny that I wish, there's something that I miss,
and the lady of the lake blesses the rest,

we all hope to find the gold beyond the rainbow,
we believe that there is truth in all the lies,
with each office that we reach, they are calling for a speech,
and we're worshiping the shit they advertise,

we are crawling to the halls of advertising,
we are licking at the walls, for just a taste,
but the money that we earn, we sit back and watch it burn,
and assume that we'll succeed another day.

I could heal if I had some penicillin,
I could walk if Jesus Christ would touch my head,
but the water ripples quick, and healing never sticks,
so, I'll sit here on this mat until I'm dead.

I am wandering over miles and miles of faces,
as I hope to settle down and be made whole,
but each silky satin face, covers miles and miles of space,
will I ever be okay with my own soul?

I have journeyed now for years to find this moment,
I have walked a thousand miles in my own shoes,
if my ramblin's at an end, then I'm back where I begin,
and I'll write home to my mother with the news.

there is beauty in the mighty rushing river,
there are answers in the towering georgia pine,
if we could only rest, then the beating in our chest,
would gracefully, eternally subside.

There is God in Woodruff park, amidst the buildings,
and he smiles as I sit down atop the grass,
with his whisper, he explains, all the details of my name,
and I know that I am living now, at last.

don't expect that I am lost inside my longing,
don't assume that I am dead inside my sin,
through the melancholy days, I believe there is a way,
to be free from all the confines of my skin.

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