Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Smart Phone Salvation

Built for mass consumption, we are breathing
in the smog and smoke and syphilis. we are
motioning to the constituents to sneak in an
extra ballot. we are begging for our food via
smart phone. Oh feed me, feed me, not my
starving belly. Feed my empty, cavernous soul.

there aren't any heroes anymore. merely CGI
explosions, and unhealthily rich white people.

Now, come little children, let us scratch and
struggle, let us climb atop each other to reach
them. Then, we are the heroes. all the while
plagued by nightmares, wherein the great
darkness chases and chases, and ever we
run from ourselves, from that empty, cavernous
soul. let us plaster walls with smiling photos.
let us compile lists of famous literature, that
all may see and know where lie our allegiances.

to say that we are digging is rebellion. to
suppose that there's a problem is treason.
but the empires fall when their heroes are
the traitors. and hope shines a bit brighter
when the rebels are the saviors,
when the tyrants are the villains.

but let us not belabor. let us sit in silence, and
add up, exponentially, friends and followers
and faces. let us drink our passivity, blissful
in our ignorance, broken in our quiet longing.

to riot, to riot, let us rise to riot! but maybe we
should not be so brash. perhaps we should
smile, convincingly as we can, and pray to
this mightily reinforced god of ourselves, for
all that aching to take anticipated flight. and
we can help it along, if only we could afford
the latest smart phone.

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