Monday, February 07, 2011

Unison, Fully Conscience

red brick, calluses and paint. a tint of blue
reflecting off of the ceiling of the sky.
black and white and yellow and brown, we
are a rainbow. the kind that Dr. King once
saw when he closed his eyes at night.

Some are in the service, some are chairmen
of boards, making decisions for the rest.

we are addicted to the coffee, the cocaine
we are star-crossed lovers of the silt and
the senses and the deep v-neck t shirts.

rise up in succession, parade around
indifferent. Let us speak in different
languages, of love and poetic poise,
or well planned posture and posterity.

let us breathe in the scent of living. let
us explain away with as many words
as we can spell.

thank you for the morning
now turned afternoon. thank you for
the blue and white contrast, shinning
through windows. thank you for the peace
within, enough to say that everything is
not alright, that the world is diving quick
into unforeseeable waters.

thank you for the rest when we realize
that this is reality, this struggle for mysticism
for transcendence. we are human,
after all. we are alive to some extent.
and life is a forward movement.

thank you that we are moving forward.

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