Thursday, March 31, 2011

Earth Shattering Selves

aggravated we are underwhelming
we cannot, we will not
we must find someone to blame
for there is some wild animal
clawing, lurking
buried in the sheets of my unveiling
there is some alternative likeness
that carries the weight
all 200 pounds of it
and calls himself "shakes"
after playwrights we despise
he knows
why we shouldn't care
about morning
he's felt
what it is to surrender to lesser things
and he sings, songs so sweet
about those better gods
and asks with great persuasion
why I pretend to chase nobility,
love that has taken me.
he knows the passwords
the pieces I associate
the secrets that I fear
and from the inside, he scratches away
at the sinew
the bone and the brick.
now, victory is ours
but for some reason,
we leave it in our other pants
we forget it on our grocery list.
so defeat sneaks up behind us
and whispers, "it is finished."
and we cannot help
but believe it.

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