Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just One More Hour of Daylight.

today, time has stopped,
and taken on new rhythm.
Now I sit amidst an ocean
face to face with things.
was I made to play a part
or was i made to sit on

never ending front lawns,
in a sea of sun kissed grass,
surrounded on every side
by a rushing river of humanity.
was I made to feel the touch
of a God that keeps growing

more and more clear, with a
smile that is shaped like a
latin-american family kicking
a soccer ball in a circle. with
eyes like the wind in a kite,
being pulled by a child doused

in the loving adoration of his
father, with the voice of a drum
circle, all righteous and rhythmic
beating my sanity into sight, for
hours upon hours. I think that
this God has a face like humanity

with thousands of expressions,
unique in every way. I think that
I was made to sit here, covered
up in sunlight, soaking in the
scenery of a perfect spring sunday,
alive in love, and living.

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