Thursday, April 28, 2011

faced (a rhyme to pass the time)

sultry sort of lover
simple and verbose
secondary sense of self
and sternly stepping close
shrugging seated shoulders
when I tell you I don't know
and smiling like a sunrise
as you answer in your prose

love is so resilient
when love is all there is
leased or lent or overspent
the dearth of dainty sense
I know myself as stifled
you know me as a prince
and waking, we are walking
as I hop off of the fence

so, if my pain means nothing
when compared to all of yours
when expected for salvation
when aggressively ignored
will you grant my eyes to see you
will you turn my face toward
and expel me from my hiding
back to home, where you sit
and scan horizons from the porch

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