Saturday, June 04, 2011

Colorado Adventures, Let us fight for effervescence.

Lake City, CO. I'm surrounded by mountains. There's a tender coffee shop in this rustic town of four hundred, wherein I sit and reconnect with the world. Tyler Lyle is singing about pinewood chests with words like "my inheritance is scars and bricks, but i'll do my best" ringing through crumbling headphones. It's beautiful here. Colorado is a kind of Narnia, where everywhere I look is a photograph that should be on display at the Smithsonian. We've been given a much needed day off, through our shifting and scraping to try and get camp ready for the clientele's arrival this coming week.
Yesterday, myself and five friends of mine crawled off of a week long trail with 50 pounds of merchandise strapped to our backs. We hiked for five days, through wind and ice and snow, learning how to lead kids through the wilderness. It was exhausting at times, at times beautiful. We walked 20 miles, slept on snow two nights, punched through 4 feet of the same snow across a plateau that sat at 12,600 ft. More than a few times, I thought about 996 Curran St., Dr. Bombay's, roommates, friends and family biding summer back east. But, through the back pain, the ice-scraped shins, the altitude headaches, and the sub-freezing nights, I saw something great shining through. There is God here, in these mountains. It's taken me a while to see it, as Atlanta has been growing to feel more and more like home. I saw God there, active and illuminated. But, this Colorado has felt somewhat of a chore since rambling out three weeks ago. Life is here, and I saw it concrete and shouting this last week. These people that I'm with are beautiful, this work that is being done is beautiful, this God that holds us in his hands; the same hands that molded these peaks and plateaus that I can't avoid looking at no matter what direction I face, He is beautiful. So, pray for me that I might see it forever. Pray that life will flood out of me as I chase after a God that has chased after me. Thank you for your prayers, I can't wait to sit around a table and share my stories.

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