Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Atlanta and a Sense that I've Not Yet Arrived (Funny How Things Work Out)

shift back into symmetry
we're dead if we're alive
I only want to ask you for a light

and morning is a mystery
why does the red sun rise
how is it that we never find the time

atlanta, how I love you
but I cannot say why
there's life here, I can see it in your eyes

and when I finally come to
the truth is close behind
and so I wander on alone into the night

my soul is slowly sagging
underneath the heavy weight
of mountains, coffee, pills and interstates

I can blame it on the staffing
or the hidden files of fate
but if I sit still too long, I fear I'll waste away

and in my heart's a question
and its spreading wide and long
will my wandering be through before I'm gone

so come make your suggestions
yes, come sing me joyful songs
and point my heart towards the coming dawn

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