Monday, September 19, 2011

the benefit show that ended all benefit shows.

My heart is overwhelmed. Last night, somewhere around 100 people came out to The Music Room on Edgewood to experience a night of beautiful music by my beautiful friends that I am so blessed to have. The night was a huge success. It was billed as a benefit show, as I'm off to Spain to work with a student ministry in Salamanca here in a week. But, I knew going into it that it's difficult to raise money for work that is more mundane and doesn't come with heart-breaking stories of starvation and disease. The real benefit for me was to bring people together under the banner of art and music; to give my favorite ATLiens a place to join together and listen to wonderful local musicians. The artists were beautiful, they brought their hearts to the stage. There were serene moments, like when Mindy Fletcher silenced the entire room as she belted Alicia Keys' "Falling" in chilling vibrato. It was a beautiful night. I love music, as I've explicitly stated. And creative people are my favorite people in the world. Last night, the world was made a better place because of the sounds that came from that stage. I'm so blessed to have the beautiful friends that are in my life; people who love me and are committed to sharing their art with the world. Josh Fletcher, Mindy Fletcher, Molly Parden, and Danny Brewer; thank you for being wonderful. Keep making that music. Last night was one of the best nights of my life.

I'm currently editing the audio that I recorded. I'll put it up on the internet as soon as its ready.

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