Saturday, September 03, 2011

My Semester Abroad

hello, below is my best explanation of what I'll be working on this semester in Salamanca, Spain.
I have always been adept at learning languages, and was given an opportunity to grow in this ability during my service in the Navy. During this time I was also exposed to the foreign refugee community. Through this interaction, I came to understand how desperately in need many of these people are. Many refugees seeking asylum in the United States are here after having fled dictators, oppression, drought, famine, disease, and many other unimaginable atrocities. Once these people arrive in the United States, they are subject to extreme culture shock; not knowing the language, customs, dress, or proper procedures to find work or be granted citizenship.
My heart broke for these people. Upon moving to Atlanta, I began to volunteer with the International Rescue Committee, an organization that is set up to help refugees integrate into American society. During the school year, I spent four hours a week putting my skills to use, teaching English to the refugee clients that have come into the Atlanta area. The obstacles for these people are great, as are the difficulties that exist in trying to teach them a new language. However, my passion and heart lie in giving these people my time and my care so that they might be able to learn and eventually have full access to the rights and freedoms that all of us enjoy as Americans. I intend to spend my life working toward this goal, hoping to find a career in teaching English to those in refugee status either in the U.S. or abroad.
But, I've been given an opportunity to improve in this craft, as well as to actively share in love of with hurting students. This fall semester, I will be working with an organization in Salamanca, Spain called Globalscope. Globalscope, and their Salamanca chapter, "En Vivo," seeks to reach out to Spanish students at the University of Salamanca, to build relationships and to share in life with them. I have been given an opportunity to work alongside other missionaries there. This semester is a training session of sorts, as I hope to gain valuable experience in serving overseas. I also see it as a chance for gaining experience in outreach ministry abroad. I'm very excited for the chance to share love with those that do not know it.
As a college student, finances pose a challenge to my ability to take advantage of this semester-long opportunity. My goal is to raise all of the $8,500 required to participate by September 25, 2011. Any amount will help, and it would be a great blessing if you would be willing to contribute. Any donation is tax deductible, and receipts are available for any amount given. Checks for tax-deductible donations should be made out to "CMF" (Christian Missionary Fellowship, Globalscope's parent organization.) In the memo line, please write my name and my account number, "95186." If a receipt isn't necessary, checks can be made out to my name. Supporters may also now choose to give on-line, at, you will see a red icon which says “Support An Exchange Student”. Once you click on that icon, you will be directed to the on-line giving page. There you can enter their card information. When it says “Enter missionary or project to be supported”, put my name. CMF will send a receipt for your donation.
Thank you so much for your time and care.

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En Vivo
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