Monday, October 17, 2011

Exploring the Depths of Ron Paul

I just spent entirely too much time reading a comment thread on a CBS article on Ron Paul's plan to cut $1 Trillion in government spending. It seems, categorically, that people that are "anti-Ron Paul" don't ever have any real arguments against his policies or beliefs. I haven't heard many, at least. It's mostly just enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters and angry people that simply make fun of Dr. Paul and his supporters. I don't necessarily want to go head first into being a RP supporter without having a clear understanding of the problems with his policies and expectations, but it's been really hard to find any actual and worthwhile rebuttals to his views, again just angry people saying angry things that aren't actual arguments. Anyway, below is my favorite comment from the night, that sums up what Ron Paul supporters seem to be saying.

You do realize that Ron Paul has been a sitting congressman for 30 years, is Chairman of the Finance Committee, and has been a fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Economics for like, decades, right?

There isn't a single soul in Washington DC who will take on Ron Paul in a debate about economics or finance, except Ben Bernanke, who would almost rather commit suicide than have to sit in front of Ronnie for 10 minutes under oath.

Did you know any of that or are you just spewing ad-hominem attacks like the rest of the putrid schills doing the legwork of the mainstream media? We's the only weapon you have against someone with nothing to hide. Go ahead, namecall. Poor dear. Sad marxists are sad.

anyway, bed now. Politics are frustrating because change doesn't seem possible inside the political system in place. Guys like Ron Paul make sense, but don't seem to have a shot at succeeding with the way the media and government run things. I guess we'll just have to let it collapse and stand up when the time comes to rebuild. Here's to that not happening. Good night.

Oh, and Bill O'Reilly is a dumbass.

Read more CBS Article on Ron Paul's Economic Policies


Peach said...

You are on the verge of becoming a libertarian, aren't you.

I have to show you this survey I took recently - I felt like this guy was preaching the gospel to me. (Well, it was...the gospel of Libertarianism). It was a kind of enlightening/brainwashing experience.

Peach said...

(btw, what timezone is the blog set in? I'm leaving a comment at 5:05pm...)

Peach said...

ooh, your still in California.