Thursday, November 10, 2011

Liveblogging the November 9, 2011 GOP Presidential Candidates Debate (Postliminarily)

11:30p Here we go, another GOP debate. Let's find ourselves an alternative to Mitt "Vanilla Ice-cream" Romney.

11:31p Herman Cain doesn't care bout Italy. Let them eat Cannoli.

11:32p First applause break for no bailouts.

11:33p Ron Paul gets a question. That's a record for the shortest amount of time before Ron Paul gets a question.

11:34p Jim Cramer is intense. Too intense.

11:36p Who the hell is John Huntsman?

11:39p Oops #1. Mitt Romney loves Bailouts.

11:40p Mitt Romney is not a man of steadiness nor constancy, for the record.

11:41p 'Merica.

11:42p Oh, Rick Perry. You make hating you SO easy.

11:44p Newt Gingrich does not like Ben Bernake. Neither does the crowd, apparently.

11:44p Wait, Michelle Bachman's still here?

11:47p Rick Santorum is Rick Perry for Yankees.

11:48p Oh, God. The sex thing again.

11:49p Mr. Cain. It happened four different times. It's hard to belive that you are the victim here.

11:50p Mitt Romney is the plain yogurt of Politics.

11:51p Milk that Occupy Wall Street crowd, Huntsman.

11:52p "Too Big to Fail" utterance count is at four already.

11:55p Mitt's giving a lecture on simple economics for all you Democrats out there.

11:56p "I want businesses to be successful" gets an applause break? Come, on people..

11:57p "Open for business agayin" Rick's really practiced his soundbites for this one.

11:59p Cain just pronounced "sneak attacks" as "sneak-attaxes." Is that a pun or do Black people really pronounce it that way?

12:02p Just realized that we haven't heard from Congressman Paul in 25 minutes or so. He's kind of why i watch these things, CNBC.

12:04p Ah, there he is.

12:05p Ron Paul says again that tax code problems are the symptom of the disease of spending. Making so much sense all the time. Why do we even need a debate?

12:13p Certainly there are some government regulations that don't create jobs but still need to be in place, Rick. Slow down.

12:15p Geez, I don't ever want to piss off Newt Gingrich. Dude's a badass.

12:17p I think that Herman Cain is still around because Republicans don't want to be considered racist. This guy's got nothing.

It's late and I'm running out of an attention span for this nonsense. Let me tentatively promise to finish this later. As it stands, this country's got an uphill battle to fight. God save us all.


Peach said...

I wish I would have had your live feed while I was watching.

I'm so confused, Mondo.

La Familia Castañeda said...

I'm glad I didn't watch it. There was no need after reading this. I'm glad I saved myself from a few hours of boredom and just read your play by play. Thanks.