Saturday, November 26, 2011

Obligatory, Therefore Disappointing Update from London

I'm in the reception bar of the Queen Elizabeth Hostel in the Chelsea Neighborhood here in London. It's a place that invokes various reactions within me. It's fairly well-kept, but the patrons that are eating the 1 GBP continental breakfast give off a certain aura of having just broken out of dirty hipster prison. It's cold, the heater that is immediately at my side does not seem to be functioning. It's a raw sort of place, a place you either love or hate. It's my third day in London, the first being Thanksgiving day which saw a terrific dinner put on by an old friend, Marta Wilcox. It was great. Yesterday, I went out on the town with my Pennsylvanian friend, Stephen and his friend Alec, who studies up here. We ran through most of the major attractions, getting a taste of the better part of this enormous city. I like this place, it's huge, and as multi-cultured as any place I've seen. I don't really know how to sum it up, to be entirely honest. Let me go out today and walk some more, and I shall get back to you. Sorry if that's lame. London's awesome.

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