Thursday, December 01, 2011

Leaving London continued

I wanted to tell a quick story that I've yet to share with the blog readers. It's the story of how I got out of London, and it will be a quick one. I had a ticket to fly back with EasyJet on Sunday morning at 9:30am. I showed up more or less on time, and arrived to the desk with time to spare. There, the attendant informed me that the flight had been oversold and I wasn't going to be allowed on the flight. So, I went to an arduous process to piece together what EasyJet was going to do about their mistake. The eventually booked me on a flight that left at 5:30 pm from Luton Airport, an hour and a half away from Gatwick where I was originally supposed to fly out of. I took it all in stride, these things happen and it meant that I got another eight hours to hang out in London, which was fine by me. I got on the train and went back into town. I got coffee, walked around new neighborhoods, saw a Banksy, and started to head north to the train station that would get me to Luton. Everything went smoothly from there, I got checked in, boarded the flight and flew to Madrid. In Madrid, the story turns sour. Because of the delay, I had missed the last shuttle bus from Madrid to Salamanca, and therefore was forced to spend the night in Madrid. I walked around the neighborhood where the bus station was, looking for a hotel where I could stay. There weren't any. So, after an in depth search, I returned to the Bus Station where I would have to spend the night. There was no heat, and the cruel Spanish winter was relentless as I froze my ass off for the entire night. I think I caught a cold there, as I've been feeling less than healthy ever since. Finally, I got on the 7 am bus to Salamanca and arrived back at my apartment at 10 am, after 29 consecutive hours of traveling. To recap, my trip went like this:

walking to London metro - metro to train station - train station to airport - airport to train station - train to metro - metro to downtown - walked 2 miles, eventually arriving at another metro station - metro to train station - train station to airport shuttle bus - shuttle bus to airport - plane to Madrid airport - Madrid metro to bus station - walking in search of hotel - 6 hours in a cold bus station - shuttle bus to salamanca bus station - station to apartment

the "travel" part of traveling sucks sometimes.

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