Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Super Tuesday

I used to be a prophet, but now I'm just a priest
fortune telling's painful, its responsibility
the bells are ringing steady, and they're sweeping out the streets
there are some men who've never lied, but darling it ain't me

they're counting all the ballots, on Boulevard and fifth
the vagabonds are walking by, there in the thick of it
and somewhere on a hill side, it's tea time for the queen
she's listening to fairy tales, and hoping to be seen

so, once the die is cast, we'll run into the past
and live the aftermath
a savior's what we need, so turn on the t.v.
find something to believe

sell me legislation
try to sell me wine
prodigals and pixels, it's what I left behind
so, here is a confession
one that you won't believe
Oh, I can't see the difference between anything you're selling me

let me stake my claim
on the details of my name
and we'll decide our fate
gonna watch it waste away
in a cluttered attic space
where I go to feel safe

oh, let's not ask the experts
for they enjoy the view
'cause changing wind would disrupt them, and they don' want to move
so, tell me that I'm Judas
or Edgar Allen Poe
and watch me as I'm drowning, it's okay I couldn't keep afloat

Now, who then can we blame
for the way destruction came
in the finger pointing game
but, I will stand up tall
and say that it's my fault
for buying in at all

oh, don't we need it, don't we need it
someone to tell us how to think
but i concede it's not for me it's
just my God and country,

America, you are, So beautiful thus far
I'll fight for all you are
but in the circus ring, I won't hear a thing
I'll hold the flag and sing

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Peach said...

man, i love this.