Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Summer Updates. Come Early and Watch the Opener.

So, I'm officially on Summer break. I thought I'd take an opportunity to update you, my reader, on what is happening in my life. I've been inconsistent in my posting, and I'm sorry for that. I've got Johan Sebastian Bach on the headphones, and coffee by my side. Let's dance. School concluded last week, I spent four or five days putting in a lot of hours to get my EOS work done, and ended up very pleased with the results. It was my best semester yet as far as grades go. Summer classes will start as soon as we get back from Crooked Creek (YL camp) in the first week of June. So, until then, I'm taking it easy. I've got some loose-based work to be done, enough to keep busy without going crazy. We'll see how that goes.

 I got to attend my younger brother Lee's graduation in Charleston last weekend. Priscilla and I went and spent the weekend up there. It was great to see the folks and Lee and Mere. We did miss the Castenedas. I'm getting itchy to see those babies again, too. I really enjoy bringing Peach into my family dynamic. She really thrives and makes my family more complete for me somehow. I don't know. It was a great weekend. Part of my effort to post this update is because I realized when I was with my parents how little they know about what's going on in my life due to a lack of consistent communication. They're coming in town this weekend and I'll be playing tour guide through the Dirty Dirty.

 My good friend Micah Dalton has been working with me on producing my first EP. He's got some of his really talented friends on board, and we're set to begin recording next weekend. I'm really excited to have a quality product that I can give to people, and the process to lock down the five songs that we'll be recording is taking a lot of my time and effort. I'm really excited about it. I've got to get my Kickstarter page going. Anyway, stay tuned for that.

 Young Life is still going really, really well. We've had a second club and last night took 20+ kids on a big scavenger hunt through downtown Decatur. It was amazing. We're taking 15 or so Decatur kids with us on the bus to Colorado in a few weeks. It's been such a blessing to be a part of everything over there. I love the team, I love the kids, I love the vision, I love that God is doing all of this undeniable work and letting us in on it. Camp will be nuts, and we're still pushing to get more kids on board the bus. We shall see.

 But, the coffee's gone. And, there are kickstarters to design. Thanks for reading. Go listen to Josh Oliver and read Kurt Vonnegut. Salam.

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