Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Debts in Arrears

Come take the chunks and pesticides,
and let it all roll down,
the process isn't everything,
the terms and sets resound,
the particle benevolence,
the angle of repose,
in steady equilibrium,
the masses strike their pose,

the actual common sense of it,
the interjection hill,
the steeper that the angle is,
the less the shit will spill,
and gravity continues on,
as kings and kingdoms fall,
in striking sure cohesiveness,
they weren't ever there at all.

now heavy soil and simpleton,
all downhill in its gait,
let's weigh it down, the sentiment,
that isn't worth the wait,
and hydrated hyperbole,
the hypertension spring,
as rain falls like the dinosaurs,
inevitable and free.

Particle cohesion,
its a lustful set of cards,
you are shining in your summer gown,
as I hold you in my arms,
and the earth spins on unceasingly,
as you tell me the truth,
that nothing in my arms will ever,
feel as good as you.

and you are in the distance,
down the interstates and streets,
you are counting out proposals,
you are limiting the sweets,
as volcanoes burst and hurricanes,
make wake of everything,
I can't ever get much distance,
from you in all my dreams.

oh beautiful, yes. beautiful,
recovery awaits,
my hands are covered, totally,
my lowered lonely gaze,
but fresh is your awaking,
and commendable your touch,
let's abandon arridation,
and take solace in this "us."

specialized and sacred are,
the blind spots in my sight,
the ghouls and ghosts inhabiting,
the corners of the night,
aware of my shortcoming,
as they thirst for just a taste,
of this meat that makes my body,
all my skinny arms and legs.

But I will stand, symbolic,
of a war I cannot win,
and I will die a martyr,
of the silly shit I'm in,
there's no secondary savior,
there's no peaceful compromise,
I will fight for my own selfishness,
I will fight until I die.

No, there might be something bigger,
there might be a meager mile,
I might need to reconfigure,
as a bit more versatile,
for the battle that is raging,
it is marching steady on,
and my life, left in the balance,
is one constantly withdrawn.

so believe me when I tell you,
as I shout it from the roof,
I am helpless chasing justice,
I'm in love without the proof,
there is earth to catch me falling,
there is oxygen to breathe,
there is nothing keeping me away,
from the one that's chasing me.

so chase me till you catch me,
grab my head and make me hear,
that my wandering is useless,
that my debt now in arrears,
it is paid infinite over,
it's behind me in my wake,
and now life, a long time taken,
it is there for me to take.

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