Friday, October 11, 2013

Balcony Songs

Oh, sunrise
great mountain
blank sky on the edge
you fever
your broken
divide right to left
its, paltry,
the heart in the chest
is fading
to sea and to rest

oh, morning
wake slowly
believe in what's true
and hold me
the freedom in you
the feeling
the fervor
the black and the blue
it's life that
swells in me
and brands me anew

but darkness
it claws at my veins
and calls me
its holding the reins
regret and
the link in the chains
that bind me
to sorrow
reciprocal pain

so what now
oh, morning
what route do I choose
you rhythm
such beauty imbues
so cover
the darkness
the lies it accrues
and set free
my senses
yes, free there, in you

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