Thursday, May 15, 2014

Angsty Decay of My Resolve (Counting Down til July.)

I'm frustrated. Living in Cuenca, Ecuador is wearing on me, I think. There are so many minor and major annoyances associated with living in this city, and they've all been piling up on my psyche since we got back in January. In an attempt to offset this trend, to dispel the growing frustration that has been welling up inside me, I'd like to offer myself valid counter points to these annoyances. Let's see how it goes.

1. My schedule. I'm working six days a week, starting at 7 am every week day. It sucks

- Counterpoint: I'm getting paid. This isn't a good counterpoint, since money isn't real and I don't ever want to despise having to work. Money isn't a good reason for anything. Next.

2. Cuenca's societal schedule. Everything is closed from 12:00pm to 3:00pm, and then again after 7:00pm.

- Counterpoint: Life is slower? The stress of living in the States can be overwhelming. But, since no one here cares about anything, there is no stress. Counter-counterpoint: no one cares about anything. Next.

3. Cuencans are assholes. Store clerks, people we pass on the street, etc, are closed, rude, and cold.

- Counterpoint: Um... I've got nothing. Next.

4. Machismo. The men on the street are animals and treat women (such as my wife) like trash.

- Counterpoint: Still nothing. This is infuriating. If I get arrested for beating the shit out of some Ecuadorian who makes some sex reference to my wife while she walks past, it will totally be worth it. Next.

5. The food sucks; rice and chicken, but mostly rice. These people don't understand the importance of flavor and variety.

- Counterpoint: I've run out of counterpoints. Next.

Ok, this isn't working. There are plenty of other annoyances, but this isn't productive. Cuenca is kind of a shit hole. We're counting down the days until we leave this place. I'm sure we will leave with some fond memories, but aside from the low cost of living and the non-Ecuadorian friends that we've made, I don't know what those memories will be. Let's hope something good happens down here in the meantime.

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Priscilla Benitez said...

counterpoint for working 6 days... You're building endurance. You're building a resume. You're able to be living abroad because of it. Somehow you escaped a crappy schedule every single're just "paying your dues".

counterpoint for everything being closed... yes, life is slower. you can plan around everything being can count on it.

counterpoint to people being closed off...
you know this is the thing that bothers me the both, but it's given me some good prayer time with God about it. And, every time I meet someone that is kind and engaging I feel like it's an answer to the prayer of my heart, like God is giving me a gift.

counterpoint to the men being pigs...
it's teaching your very trusting and innocent wife to not give every man the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure that will be a good lesson to have in the bag for our future.

counterpoint to the food sucks...
now you can really appreciate what you have back home. and my cooking :)