Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Most Famous Ship

I rise
from the ashes, a phoenix
of modernism and design
to take my place among the gods
the world bowing to me

tall, I stand
abundant and unyielding
with all the world to conquer
amidst revelry and praise

flow now before me
great ocean of expectation
profound as the sky above our heads
dark as the pupils
of the eyes that stare in wonder

there is a difference
I have come to find
between the praises they
sing to my face
and the maladies they
whisper in the comfort of home

but, there, breaking bottles across
the bow, all is joyful reverence
all is pomp and praise
though in the heart there is hope
that I sink, crashing and burning
when my usefulness runs out

still I rise, a trophyless champion
green as spring, shining
a prophesied salvation
they say I’ll save the world
they tell me it’s inside of me

and if I succeed,
they’ll tremble at my name
they’ll hold me in regard
high as the heavens
for months, at least

but if I fail
good lord, if I fail
they will know my name for centuries
and the fingers they will point
at the hands laid upon me
at the flaws in my design

and it will not be for me
but for the new-glaring inadequacy
of someone else
someone more responsible

I should crash and burn
and be buried in the deep
still heroic, still a hero

and live forever

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