Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas in a Minor Key

The minor key
the world came crashing down
we all believed
in the distractions that we found

the war we waged
from darkened shanty towns
it set the stage
for death and desolation

and in those streets
the darkness caustically
it rose to meet
our hollow pagentry

of Christmas Day
the carols from our mouths
they died away
as we saw the world for what it was

We sing
a minor key
That all is dead and dimming
I see
in effigy
This evil that’s within me

In Bethlehem
the world awaits is dawn
a diadem
to right what has gone wrong

So this is war
a new phenomenon
to right the score
Life itself has come

So stand we now, and sing a tune
come, all arise to meet it
As darkness terrible and true
is finally defeated

A turning of the tide
This baby we behold
His name is hope

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